About Us



Currently, UBC engages in a multitude of activities with Asian Canadian communities. Failure to engage Asian Canadian communities appropriately can damage UBC’s reputation in profound ways, and negatively affect both existing and potential relationships for many decades. Such harm is difficult to repair and costs the University significantly in terms of reputation, public image, missed opportunities for student learning, research and recruitment, lost donations, and impeded or blocked access to community knowledge and resources. In addition, flawed engagement contributes to an anti-Asian racist University environment.

The primary purpose of the ACCE Initiative is to provide the University community with a hub of subject matter experts, as a central resource to support UBC’s sustained and mutually enriching engagement with Asian Canadian communities.  To do this, ACCE  strives to raise the University’s awareness and understanding of the significant opportunities presented by UBC’s effective engagement with Asian Canadian communities.

As a hub, ACCE aims to:

  • Identify and share best practices;
  • Provide advice and leadership relating to engagement activities and initiatives;
  • Foster cooperation and the sharing of resources across disciplines and units across campus;
  • Strengthen new and existing activities through a more coordinated and integrated approach to community engagement;
  • Address areas for improvement, especially in communications, resource sharing and responsiveness to the Asian Canadian communities’ needs and priorities.

Criteria (Core Committee)

Members of the ACCE Working Group are required to possess the following:

  • Demonstrated cultural literacy, expertise or experience in engaging various Asian Canadian communities in the Lower Mainland, in some level related to their function at UBC;
  • Demonstrated knowledge or understanding of Asian and/or Asian Canadian identity, cultural histories, histories of migration and related community dynamics.
  • Demonstrated credibility and involvement with local Asian or Asian Canadian communities.